The RockPit Review by Mark Diigins 

Six albums in Adelaide’s William Street Strikers are sounding as good as ever. I love the opener ‘Poor Boy’ which is built on a jangly guitar riff, a great understated vocal and just a damn fine groove. It’s a great opener and has a wonderful vintage feel to it that pervades the whole album. Title track ‘Baltimore Train’ has an even more insistent groove and an almost Iggy Pop goes Country via Hoodoo Gurus groove. It’s wonderful stuff – imagine South Australian pub rock in all its glorious rough and raw…

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A Good Day - Chapter 1 

   Parked at the back of the old BP service station under the billboard the familiar lust hit the system. Glancing at the clock it read 4.49, time to hit the atm. 
   As the sound of my boots grazed across the gravel, the hint of the day behind the horizon, the familiar feel of anticipation hit the system. This was a good day. Money in the bank, the routine of this particular day seemingly set in stone, coffee a phone call and a small wait. Then joy. 
   The doors of the service station opened and it smelt…

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Say Hello with Frankie 

The new show on Lofty FM - Say Hello has made our new album Baltimore Train it’s Album of the week. 
    It’s been nice to be getting into some new corners of the world with this new album, and this is one good example, 

    Hello - Say Hello with Frankie

Raparations - Zed Digital - DJ Coco Bean 

Hey my people, 

                        I’d really love it if you’d follow this link and listen to this amazing interview I just did, a pre record with DJ Coco Bean.

                        I think a lot of you might be blown away, although I know some of you have known and due to the sociological/societal/political climate at present, may have been too afraid to ask.

         I do know one person who did and you can hear it there or here when I upload it. I’ll also be chatting about our album and gigs…

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Great Lakes F.M 101.5 - John Healy 18/3/22 interview  

Our mate John Healy from Johno in the Arvo will be having us on ( he always has us on ! 😂 ) this month for an interview where we’ll be talking about our new album and our plans to get out and do some shows behind it. 
    I’m going to upload it here and if you pop over to our Insta @William_street_Strikers you can see an excellent receiving of the album! John made a short, he gets the album, throws it in the deck and freaking cranks the bejesus out of it, it’s in a big room with floorboards and sound…

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