Stuart Coup - Dirt Music - 2SER 107.3 - Bad Man 

Very much pleased to hear our latest album , Baltimore Train getting a spin on Dirt Music, curated By none other than Susan, the curator of Dirt Music and an avid cross century multi genred purveyor of fine and arcane artistic offerings. If you need evidence of this then the most cursory investigation will lead you to her own show which I shall not give details of here lest spoil you, my dear readers furtive endeavour in uncovering the aforementioned show. After all, I with the good authority and the balance of probability would assume that any soul that has followed me here by that very action, is in essence a lone sonic traveler, smug in the knowledge that you, you have appetites and endless ever expanding catalogues and library’s of music that the average spoon fed consumer is sadly deprived of. 
   So once again I say hello and goodbye for now and wish you well.

Tomatrax - Album of the Week - Baltimore Train 

Hi Compadres, our new album Baltimore Train is the Album of the week on the tireless and consistently music coal faced blog - Tomatrax.

  Richard started this Blog as a Triple J Super Reviewer in the noughties and since it’s inception, he’s tirelessly working on the Australian original music scene, never stopping continuity despite moving state, a growth in the family and all of the other challenges that life throws at all of us. I feel like I should start a blog critiquing the many people who keep this whole game bubbling along , especially after the last two years.

    Anyhow Baltimore Train - Album of the week - Tomatrax…

Rock or Bust With Coops on HFM 107.3FM 

Hey Brothers & Sisters, 

we are now 3 for 3 on our album score on Rock or Bust, a show in Perth that has some of the best albums from around the world and a wide range of genres, I’ll post the link here later and the shows albums are in the link too, the Fremantle doctor is behind us!

It’s Always Rock and Roll - Paul Slater - Three D 93.7 

Hey people and other non people if you’re watching, I presume you watch which should cover the gamut of experiencing this human past time , I can’t speak your communication method so forgive me my overload/s benevolent or otherwise. 
     We got a spin on the above show that comes out of Adelaide and plays a really eclectic mix of music from all around the globe , pretty proud to be a part of this number as I personally live for eclecticism. 
     You can stream the show or find it on the stations new app.

Yassville Skyline - Dylan Webster - Yass FM 100.3FM 

Hey Brothers & Sisters, 

      We’re getting a run in the 100% high octane pure rock snd roll from the DJ Dylan on Yassville Skyline, the show with the poster that puts pop art to shame, see below, it’s on the 23/4/22 so be sure to check in and I’ll also stream it later in case you can’t, 


peace Andrew 

On The Blower - Tony Biggs - Triple R 102.7 

Tony has given Poor Boy a run on his show “ In The Blower “ on Triple R, pretty neat to get a spin from a dude who’s been around since 91 on 3RRR, you hear a truck tonne of music being a DJ, I hear a truck tonne and I’m a punter as well as a musician. 
     I’ve also been around that long but I came from Broken Hill, not Brissie.

Radio Italia Uno - David Heath - Baltimore Train  

Hey my people, 

       We’ve been fortunate enough throughout our career to have been embraced by many diverse parts of our community as our music is not only genre eclectic but culture neutral as well. 
      This is primarily because of the topics we write about that are common to the human experience, to everyone’s experience, black, white, gay , straight, Bi , Tri, Pan , purple, orange, pink or blue. This comes I guess because if you write what you know, somebody else knows it too. The Greeks knew this, our culture and our literature hadn’t really changed that much from those early years where drama was performed.

Anyhow tomorrow I’ll be talking the new album with David Heath who broadcasts from Radio Italia Uno, Adelaide’s Italian Radio, I’m looking forward to this, tune in or I’ll repost it here , 

     Stay Golden PonyPeoole


Baltimore Train - The Music Almanac with Rufus - Triple H 100.1 FM 

Hey my people, 

                        This Thursday tune into Triple H and here to hear this show by Rufus on Fire, Baltimore Train the song off our new album Baltimore Train is getting a spin.

      The Music Almanac is all about music discovery. 

     It BroadcastsThursday nights 8-10pm on Triple H FM 100.1 FM and you can live webstream it at and via the radio app on your phone or listening device. 

The shows aim is to solely play a great mix of music for the local and wider community. 

   From current releases to classic tunes, local sounds from unsigned/up and coming artists, Indie, Alternative and everything in between The Music Almanac has music discovery in mind when the tracks roll out each week. This is great for Australian music.

     If you miss the show I’ll be reposting it here. 

     Stay Golden Ponyboy