DJ Macca - 2NVR 1059 Nambucca Valley Radio - Spins Baltimore Train Track

     Well he didn’t actually spin a train track from Baltimore! What my clumsily laid out title should’ve read was, today DJ Macca played “ Let You Down “ off our up coming album Baltimore Train in his show! Thanks Compadre.               I happen to know a bit about this dude, a fair bit as I’ve crossed paths on the same stations he works on. Where do I begin,  DJ Macca has been described as a technology wonderkid, trendster and a foodist. 
Born last century somewhere in the Eora Nation, Sydney, New South Wales Australia. 
Has lived and worked in many cities and towns in New South Wales and Queensland. 

Likes listening to modern music but was raised on music from the 1950s to the 1970s and has been an avid AM/FM radio listener for many decades. 

His interest in radio presenting was reinvigorated after some radio training with 2WET 1031 TankFM in their studio in the disused water tank in Kempsey. DJ Macca presented on a drive time show and filling in on breakfast shows on Tank FM in the Macleay Valley NSW for a few years. 

Then an opportunity arose to fillin on another local community radio station in the Nambucca Valley 2NVR 1059 Nambucca Valley Radio. DJ Macca plays recent releases across all genres and now has his own program as well as filling in on occasion when needed. 

DJ Maccas interests include vegan food, regenerative farming, horticulture, playing chess, attending live music, plays, theatre and museums.

So there you go my people, another one of the highly important dedicated Australian DJ community who keep our industry running and together, peace Andrew xxxxxxxxx 

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